The Campagna T-Rex is truly a one of a kind vehicle that is definitely a head turner! With an MSRP of over $58,000 it isn’t your average reverse trike. With dual exhaust, 11” wide rear tire, an extremely aggressive body, and the metallic red paint, this will definitely be a vehicle you will always remember!

The biggest differences between the Slingshot and T-Rex is their power-plant, size, and weight. The T-Rex is powered by a BMW 1,649 cc in-line six-cylinder engine from BMW’s motorcycle division. This engine produces 160 HP and 129 pound-feet of torque and is attached to a six-speed sequential transmission.

Weighing in at a nimble 1,040 lbs it has a super car like power to weight ratio of 1:6.5! Even though it is powered by a BMW motorcycle drivetrain it is controlled like a sports car—steering wheel, gas, brake, and clutch pedals. If you have any questions at all please give us a call-- we are happy to help!


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